image of luna stoneware
image of luna stoneware
image of luna stoneware



Truly a unique table setting ...
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Luna’s pearlescent glaze is delicately flecked with golden accents brought about by the reactive process in the kiln firing. This ensures no two pieces in this spectacular collection are identical. Truly a unique table setting.

Small Plate 16cmTemp Out of Stock £12.50
Side Plate 20.5cm £16.00
Dinner Plate 26.5cm £20.00
Platter 30.5cmTemp Out of Stock £28.00
Dip Bowl 6.5cm x 4cm h £6.50
Deep Small Bowl 10cm x 5cm h £12.00
Deep Medium Bowl 13.5cm x 6cm h £14.50
Shallow Bowl 23.5cmTemp Out of Stock £28.00

Dishwasher Safe

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