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Hand crafted in Portugal

Side Plate 17cm diam £ 12.00
Dinner Plate 27cm diam £ 19.00
Cereal Bowl Temp Out of Stock £ 13.00
Pasta Bowl 21cm d x 5cm h £ 16.00
Mug Temp Out of Stock £ 15.50
Medium Oval Platter 39.5cm x 29cm x 3cm h £ 52.00
XL Oval Platter (in Large Dots only) 48cm x 34.5cm x 4cm h £ 85.00
XL Serving Bowl (in Small Dots only) Temp Out of Stock £ 95.00

Choose between 4 variations of snazzy blue and white patterns; Narrow Stripes, Wide Stripes, Small Dots, Large Dots.
In a wide range of shapes to take you from a yum breakfast to a delicious dinner.
Dishwasher safe.

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