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Hand crafted using local clay and traditional techniques.

Bowls and Dishes:

Deep Bowl with single handle 22cm d (incl. handle), 16cm x 8cm h £ 14.00
Shallow Bowl with double handles 20cm d (incl. handles), 16cm x 5cm h £ 14.00
Rectangular Dish 37cm x 29cm x 8cm h £ 42.00

Lidded Cooking Pots:

Shallow Small 30cm x 23cm x 16cm h £ 48.00
Shallow Large 44cm x 30cm x 21cm h £ 64.00
Deep Small 24cm x 18cm x 17cm h £ 48.00
Deep Large 33cm x 24cm x 21 cm h £ 64.00


Small 19cm d (incl. handle) x 18cm h £ 23.00
Large 22cm d (incl. handle) x 27cm h £ 39.00

Using centuries old techniques, each of these handsome pieces is hand made from local Lom Bok clay.
The unfired piece is rubbed smooth with a semi precious stone, this burnishing technique gives a beautiful sheen to the pot.
They are then fired in the ground where the natural blackening of the pot occurs.

Oven, Hob, Grill, Barbecue, and even Camp Fire proof.
It is most important though to avoid rapid heat change as the thermal shock may crack the item.
Hand wash only.

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