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Savoy Leaf 30cm x 30cm x 2cm h £ 48.00
Ginkgo Leaf 43cm x 28cm x 3cm h £ 48.00
Leaf Pochette 33cm x 33cm x 2cm h £ 48.00
Narrow Hawthorn Leaf 43cm x 26cm x 4cm h £ 48.00
Square Centre Piece 25cm x 25cm x 2.5cm h £ 59.00
Rect Centre Piece 41cm x 20cm x 2.5cm h £ 84.00

Clockwise from left
Gingko, Savoy, Hawthorn, Pochette

From the Pergay family studios in Limoges, these botanically inspired platters each take more than 1 week to make.
The pure white matt glaze enhances the hand carved details of each unique piece.
They are ideal for serving cakes and canapes and fantastic as cheese boards.
Dishwasher safe.

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