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Designed in the UK
Heat Proof Vinyl

Rectangle Flat 55cm x 41cm Folded 44cm x 30cm £ 32.00
Square Flat 44.5cm Folded 33.5cm £ 32.00
Square Double Sided Flat 44.5cm Folded 33.5cm £ 36.00

Rectangle Designs: Spices, Macaroons, British Bird Stamps, Phone Boxes, London Underground - Full Map, London Underground � Zone One.
All with black reverse except British Bird Stamps(teal reverse).

Square Design: Silver Spoons with black reverse.
Square Double Sided Design: Game Board, with Backgammon on one side, Chess/Chequers on the other.

An ingenious design and super practical.
These trays sit and store flat.
As you grip the cut out handles the edges fold up to form rigid sides.
They have a non slip surface too.

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